151 Folk Tales

151 Folk Tales For KidsSawan’s 151 Folk Tales are an oodles of famous stories throughout the world. They help kids to instill reading habit and learn many things in fun way.📚😍

The Liar

A man used to lie a lot. One day, he and his friend were chatting. While chatting, the man lied, “I have travelled the whole world.” The friend asked him, “Have you seen the Great Pyramids?” The man replied, “Of course! I have seen them. I have also climbed Mount Everest and had dinner with

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The Treasure

A farmer was ploughing his land when he saw a goblin. The farmer was happy as the goblin was always associated with treasure. The farmer asked the goblin, “Have you buried some treasure in my field?” The cunning goblin replied, “Yes! Lots of it!” The farmer said, “Since you have buried the treasure in my

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The Prophecy

Once, a man was cutting a tree branch on which he was sitting. His friend told him, “Do not cut the branch or you will also fall.” The man continued cutting the branch and fell. He thought, ‘My friend can tell the future.’ He asked his friend, “How many years will I live?” His friend

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