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Quality best is not better than the cheapest.Normally people prefers cheapest that’s why quality best things are not better than those which are cheapest in selling.Quality without quantity is little thought of.One should think quality rather than quantity.Quarelling dogs come halting home.Dogs halt while fighting.Quarrelsome dogs get dirty coats.Dogs get dirty layer on their body […]

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Pain past is pleasure.When the time of sorrow past then you feel pleasure.Painted pictures are dead speakers.Silent message which named as dead speaker.Pale moon doth rain, red moon doth blow; while white moon doth neither rain nor snow.Rain forecasting methods.Pardon all but thyself.Self pardon is more important.Past cannot be recalled.Past is past.Past care, past cure.Past

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Oaks may fall when reeds stand the storm.Great persons may ruin when poors stand in the economic storm.Obedience is much more seen in little things than in great.Obedience is a thing which seen in small things than in big.Of a pig’s tail you can never make a good shaft.If the raw material is not good

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Name not a rope in his house that hanged himself.Nameless person never hangs himself for the goodwill of name.Names and natures do often agree.It is not compulsory that name should follow the nature of name. Normally both are different to each other.Names are debts.Debt of honour, you pay for the sake of name’s honour.Narrow gathered

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Mad to the world same to oneself.Mad is mad, for himself and others too.Magistracy makes not the man, but discovers what mettle is in him.Dignity of magistrate nothing improves in the man but reflects his natural ardour.Maidens must be mild and meek, swift to hear and slow to speak.Merits of maidens.Maidens should be meek while

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Labour as long lived, pray as ever dying.A person should work till life but while praying he must pray like last prayer.Labour is love, love is labour.A person should work till life but while praying he must pray like last prayer.Labour conquers all things.One should love hard work and hard working should be love so

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Keep a calm sough.Keep a quiet tongue.Keep good men company and you shall be of the number.When you keep good company you are also one of them.Keep some till more will come.One should be waitful to spend, till more will come.Keep the pot boiling.Continual efforts are always good.Keep your eyes wide open before marriage and

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Jack among the mains.Normally jack is among of them who plays.Jack is as good as his master.He plays for his master.Jack’s are common to all that will play.He is a common person so he fields for both teams as well as bat too.Jack is both sides.He played for both teams.Jack of all trades and master

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I am not sick pray for yourself.It is said by a person who denies a offer which is deniable.I can see as far into a millstone as another.Normally every millstone (Grind stone of mill) hath a whole so you see as far into a millstone as another.I cannot be your friend and your flatterer too.True

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He that has lost his credit is dead to the world.Like a dead person because nobody want to recognize him.He that has two hoards will get a third.Money begets money.He that hath a good harvest may be content with some thistles.(A kind of prickly plant = Thistle)Excess of harvest excess of thistle too. All are

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Game is cheaper in the market than in the fields and woods.Marketing is an easy profession than to agriculture and consisting of wood profession.Selling profession is an easy task than creative profession.Gaming, women and wine, while they laugh, they make men pine.Laugh of gambling : lost all the money. Laugh of women : indication of

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Face is the index of the mind.You may read someone’s mind by his face expressions.Face to face the truth comes out.When someone is blamed for ill speaking than the best remedy is face to face inquiry.An inquiry is the best, when face to face explanations are called.Facts are stubborn things.Like inflexible, which can’t be changed.Fact

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Each bird loves to hear himself sing.Said to a person who loves his belongings only.Eagles do not breed doves.When a father dove his child like himself.Eagle breed eaglewise.Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.Such persons are always healthy, they are wealthy too, because they have enough day time

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Dally not with money or women.Amusement with money or women is bad thing.Danger and delight grow on one stock.Both are the feelings of heart.Danger is next neighbour to securityWho that feels secure himself is always in danger because of over-confidence, that’s why the danger is next neighbour to security.Dangers are overcome by dangers.Taking risk is

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Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.Husbands action and wife’s reaction.Calf love, half love; old love, cold love.Calf’s and old’s love cannot be perfect one.Call me not on olive, till thou see me gathered.Perfectly matched to other.Call no man happy till he dies.Troubles are on, till death.Call the bear uncle till you are safe across the

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