The Liar

A man used to lie a lot. One day, he and his friend were chatting. While chatting, the man lied, “I have travelled the whole world.” The friend asked him, “Have you seen the Great Pyramids?” The man replied, “Of course! I have seen them. I have also climbed Mount Everest and had dinner with Queen Elizabeth.” After some time, a few villagers came there. The man again started his tale of lies. He told the villagers, “I once jumped from the roof of one building to the roof of another which were just ten metres apart.” Now, one village got tired of his big talks. He challenged the man, “Why don’t you jump between these buildings which are just five metres apart?” The man was stunned. The man said, “I will just come. I have to go on an important work.” After that, the man never came back.

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