Best Children’s Books by Age in 2022

Best Children books by age

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Are you a parent and looking for the best children’s books by age for your li? Do you want to provide your children with outstanding books for their age and needs? Well then, you’ve landed in the right place.😍✌

Its ultimately true that every child, as per their age, reads at a different level. At a different rate. And moreover, with different interests. That’s what makes parents think – ‘how to choose the best children’s books by age?’😥😓

Being pioneers in children’s books, we can say that Choosing the best book by children’s age is the biggest confusion for every parent out there. There is a lot to keep in mind before going further with selecting books.

So how would you know how to choose the best books for your little ones? What stories and pre-school books you must give your children to sharpen and enhance their imagination and intelligence?📚💡

Don’t worry. Sawan is here to help you in choosing the best children’s book by age.

In this blog, you will find best stories books for children, best-selling books for kids by age, best pre-schooling books for children, famous fairy tales for children, and much more enchanting collections.

How Do You Choose A Children’s Book by Age?

This indeed is a good question!

For choosing the best books for your children, every parent must know how to choose a children’s book. As we talked about earlier, every child has a different interest and needs as per their age. And every parent must know that your child has different reading capabilities and interests as per age.

Well, when it comes to choosing the best children books for your little ones, you must keep certain points in mind:

Babies And Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

Books for Babies And Toddlers age 1 to 3
  • Toddlers are attracted by illuminating pictures of simple objects.
  • As they can’t understand complex sentences, every book must have simple text and good rhythms.
  • Illustrative stories with dialogues stimulate them visually and mentally. They help them create their own world and stories – which makes them imaginative.

Preschool And Kindergarten (Ages 3-5)

  • Lovely mother Goose, amusing nursery stories, wonderful illustrations, and other books with bright coloured objects are enjoyable and best books for children ages 3 to 5 (Preschool and Kindergarten).
  • Children of this age-group love to listen to rhythms and imaginative words repetition.
  • They have a strong attraction for toy-likes books, creative pages, pop-up pictures, and other astonishments.
  • They like colourful objects and animals, birds, insects etc.

Early School Years (Ages 5 to 8)

Books for Age by 5 - 8
  • A few children learn to read before they are in early school days or first grade. Many even later.
  • When reading to or with your children, select enchanting illustrated books with strong storylines, morals, lessons and character development.
  • If your children read independently, you should choose books with a straightforward story that will be familiar with everyday life and surroundings.
  • Some third-graders can handle stories of some complexity. For them, you can choose a familiar vocabulary with challenging words and activities.
  • Non-fiction books encourage children to read about interesting topics and satisfy their curiosity.

Older Children (Ages 9 and above)

Books for Ages 9 and above
  • These children are often smarter and seek interests in personalities, inspiring stories, problem-solving etc.
  • Make a selection with their interests and habits in mind; choose a novel in a particular area or subject. Or even better, let them choose their books by themselves.

Characteristics Of A Good Children’s Book

Interesting and Relatable Stories

A good children’s book will always have an interesting and captivating story. Be it a realistic story about a family pet or a surreal story about a castle on Mars, some aspect of the story or character will usually be relatable to children. 

Even in the castle of another planet or world, the Hero of the story would be a child or a small animal who learns about friendship, sharing, helping others, and more good qualities. 

It’s a fact – when children can relate to a story, they can connect with it deeply and remember it more clearly.

Simple and Engaging Language

Another characteristic of a good children’s book is easy and engaging language. 

Indeed! a good children’s book will always be in a simple and engaging language that children would enjoy reading.

Simple language helps children understand the story’s plot and concept easily. 

Engagement in language makes children curious to read further with more interest and curiosity.

Full of Colourful and Enchanting Illustrations

Do you know children are attracted to pictures more rather than words? Yes, books with bright illustrations have the power to capture children’s attention and absorb knowledge quickly. If not for those beautiful illustrations, children will get bored with books and won’t read another page. Why? It is because children are visual readers and learn faster with visual interaction.

Now, with these points and characteristics in mind, let’s explore some best children’s books by age.

Best Children’s Books Ages 3 To 5

As children under age 3 to 5 are in their developing time, they tend to be attracted by pretty illustrations and pictures, and colors.

Children of ages 3-5 are usually interested in imaginative stories and fairy tales. Finding books for kids ages 3-5 is all about connecting your child with books and developing early reading and learning skills.

With that in mind, here are some best books for children ages 3 to 5:

The Helping Hands

Once Mama Heron got tangled in a loose wire at the river bank. She cried for help but no one came to rescue her. Oliver was passing by there. He freed her. One day he was stuck in the worst situation and started crying. He had lost his money. Read the amazing story of Mama Heron and Oliver with your children and help them find out how she helped him back.

The story is an entertaining read for children between ages 3 to 5 with a good moral lesson. Order your copy, here.

Mercury and the Woodcutter

As a child, you also must have heard the story. The story teaches children the valuable and rewarding lesson of being honest. If you are looking for some best moral stories collection, this one is the must-have in your children’s library. Order a copy now!

The Lion And The Mouse

Once a mouse was playing nearby Lion’s den. By chance, he ran over the sleeping lion and woke him up. The Lion caught the mouse and said, “now you are my snack. I shall eat you.” The little mouse trembled in fear and pleaded to let him go and one day he will help the lion. Read the story and let your children know how a small friend can help you in trouble. The story will teach your children the importance of friends in life. Order your copy, here.

Best Children’s Books By Age 11-12

The age 11-12 is the age before children step into their teenage. The Preteen age. Here they are neither a kid nor a teen yet. They are transforming and developing their body as well as mind. The books they need at this age must be filled with curiosity, entertainment, and morals. So, if your children fall into this category and you are looking for the best children’s book by age 11 and 12, here I have accumulated a great collection for your little ones – 

151 Good Night Stories

This collection of enchanting 151 good night stories is what you are looking for for your children ages 11-12. The book compiles magical tales, moral stories, adventurous fables, and inspirational bedtime stories.

Selecting stories and fairy tales is very important for your child’s creative and critical-thinking availability when it comes to choosing the best books for children’s books by age 11 and 12. Order a copy of this captivating good night stories collection for your children, here.

Wisdom of the Donkey

This brilliant tale of a donkey will teach your children ages 11-12 to think differently and creatively in hard times. The story narrates around a washerman and his donkey. He uses the donkey to collect the clothes of villagers regularly. Once, when they were returning home, it was too dark to see anything ahead on the road. As a result, the donkey fell into a pit. Now, what do you think about how he got out of the pit? Read the story with your kids and find out. 

Also, the book has another story of a greedy bear. I’m not going to tell you about this valuable story for it is a surprise for your children.😋🙌🎉 Order your copy now to read both of the stories. Click here.👈

The Turtle’s Flute

What would you teach your children if they were stuck in a tough situation? How would you teach them to come out of the situation cleverly and creatively? There are a lot of challenges in our day-to-day life. And that’s parents’ job to teach children to deal with difficult times with patience and intelligence. So, how would you teach your kids such important skills? 

Stuck there, right?

That’s where this book comes into play. The story is about a Turtle who played the flute and was once captured by a man. He took the turtle to their home and put it into a cage. Now turtles come with an amazingly clever plan to escape the cage. Don’t you want your children to learn such witty formulas to escape the impossible situation? If yes, order a copy of the mesmerizing book, here.

List of Best Children’s Books By Age 13

Now your children turn into a teen – a critical point for their mental and psychological development. At this age, they begin to shape themselves for the future. Here, they not only need good academic books but also outstanding fairy tales and stories. So what’s your list of best children’s books by age 13? What did you select for your soon-to-turn-teen kids to enhance their creativity and character? Nothing? Don’t worry. I have made a fantastic list for your 13-years-old children.

151 Adventure Stories

Teenagers look for the thrill in their life. They seek out adventurous tasks with their friends. As they are now free to roam with friends and do things independently, your 13-year-old children have their own taste and flavor of stories.

These 151 Adventure stories serve them with thrilling and heart-throbbing tasks

Selected Fairy Tales

This selected Fairy Tales collection is full of magical and moral stories. Let your children wander on the magical lands of imagination. Let them create their own world; it is mandatory for their cerebral and mental development. It is one of the best children’s books by age 13.

Akbar-Birbal Stories

If you are a parent of a 13-year-old kid and looking for a book that would make your kid witty while having fun, this story collection book by Sawan is what you are looking for. The collection consists 175 of Rib-tickling royal stories which will keep your teenager engaged for hours. Moreover, your children will learn about honesty, Witt, Creative thinking, loyalty, and much more unique personal quality from the character of Birbal. So what are you waiting for? Order your copy now, Click here.


So, now you have a vast collection of the best children’s books by age. There is no doubt that children need the best books for their overall development, especially for the mind, for they are the future of the world. So let’s provide them with the best stories and academic books and make them capable of challenging every situation of life and emerge as a hero in their life. 

However, if you have more best children’s books in your mind, please comment in the box below. I will add them to the list above so they can be reached to children. Also, do share the article with your friends and help us reach more parents who are looking for the best books for their children.


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Fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Cinderella, and Puss in the Boots are the most appropriate books for 05 years old.

What Age Group Reads The Most?

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What Books Attract Children?

Children love books that have colorful pages and captivating illustrations. They tend to read books that have easy language and rhythmic flow.

Why Do Parents Buy Children’s Books?

Every parent wishes to help their children grow more smart and intelligent adults so they can learn to deal with the difficult challenges of life. That’s what makes them buy the best books for their children.

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