Importance Of Reading Books For Students

importance of reading book for students

Books play a vital role in students’ life. There is no doubt that they are the best friends of students. They not only help students gain knowledge but also inspire them to achieve success and a good life. There is much importance Of Reading Books For Students.

A student learns a lot of things from books. Among them, empathy and humility are the greatest values they develop by reading books.

A good book is like a good friend; the more you read it, the more interesting it will be.

Moreover, a student’s room will never be considered whole without books.

Someone has said very true:

“A Book is a Dream that You hold in your hand”

With that in mind, let’s discuss the 5 most known benefits of reading.

What Are The 5 Benefits Of Reading

Books Spark Intelligence In Students

The famous intelligent personalities such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Carl Sagan, Stephan hawking have mentioned in their respective biographies that they have been a vast reader in their early childhood. Also, one of the most famous personalities and inventors of this era, Elon Musk himself is an insane book reader. He believes that if not for reading books, he wouldn’t have been as successful as he is now.

This is proof that books are important tools to make students intelligent and productive.

Books Improve The Memory

How do books improve memory? Well, according to research, people who read books on a daily basis tend to have a good memory. Another NCU professor points out that reading is important to a student’s overall development. Dr Jennifer Duffy, Graduate School Dissertation Chair at NCU, said “Reading is a fundamental skill needed to function in society. Words – spoken and written – are the building blocks by which a child’s mind grows. Reading is not only essential to a child’s verbal and cognitive development, but it also teaches the child to listen, develop a new language, and communicate. Additionally, books open a child’s imagination into discovering his or her own world,” according to Dr Duffy. [Source]

Books Are Stress-Buster For Students

Students are often loaded with a lot of school work. Academic books, sometimes, exhaust them mentally. They need some fresh air, something new to explore and connect. That’s where the books come into play. A book is not only a good medium of knowledge, but it is also a great stress-buster and anxiety reliever, says many academic researchers.

Reading books activates the part of the brain which is responsible for feeling good and releasing dopamine, the happy chemical.

Books Help Improve Vocabulary For Students

Students constantly need to improve their vocabulary as they need more and more academic comprehension over time. If you want your children to improve their vocabulary, a book can help.

Books have different titles, different story and different plots. That’s why they come with many new words and phrases. If a student read books on a daily basis, he/she will be loaded with a vast and unique vocabulary.

Books Help Students Develop Analytical Skills

Books are a sure way to improve students’ ability to think, comprehend and understand. They make them brilliant problem-solver.

Reading books builds awareness about our surrounding and make students better observer. They will be able to grasp situations faster and smarter. Books are a tool to make students make self-effacing and compassionate and boost confidence in students. Moreover, reading books enhance the imagination and creativity of students.

The Importance Of Stories In Child Education

In their early childhood, children need to learn about shapes, size, space, and colour. And guess what is the easiest medium they can learn from? Stories! Yes, stories are full of various kinds of shapes, sizes, objects, natural beings, lands, and many more your children need to learn about.

Young kids love listening to stories. When you read your children stories, the specific parts of the brain which deal with enhancing curiosity and creativity becomes active. As this brain part grows stronger and stronger, they become more and more intelligent and smart.

That’s the importance of stories in child education. You must invest adequate time for your children and read fairy tales and other stories every night.

Importance of Reading a Storybook for Students

Boosts children’s Imagination and Creativity

Reading a storybook takes children to a new world – the world of imagination. There, they think, visualize and create their own world. Reading a storybook helps students explore life from different perspectives. While children read books they are building new and creative thoughts which makes them creative and smart.

Reading Helps Students in Self-Improvement

Reading a storybook helps children develop and maintain positive thinking. Storybooks are full of many valuable and important life lessons which are necessary to develop a good character and understand life around them.


Now you can see what is the importance of reading books for students. The habit of reading is one of the best qualities a person can possess. Books are students’ best friends and that’s why it is very important to develop a good reading habit.

What’re your thoughts on the importance of reading books for students? Please comment in the box below.


Why Is Reading So Important For Students

Reading is important for students because it helps them develop a calm and creative mind. Reading a book every day helps them be more focused and intelligent.

How Does Reading Stories Help Improve Life As A Student?

Reading stories makes rain more creative and faster which is necessary for outstanding performance in academic results. Moreover, reading stories at bedtime helps improve calmness and enhance imagination among students.

How Does Reading Affect Student Learning?

Reding books make children more alert and focused. Students develop a multi-talented personality which is a blessing for them in their student life. Reading also affects students’ imaginations and problem-solving skills making them more sharp and subtle.

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