Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Books Of All Time By Sawan

Best Selling Children books by sawan

Are you looking for the best-selling children’s books of all time? Want books that are both, important and best for your kids’ mental growth? Well then, if you are serious about choosing the best books for your children, you have come to the right place.

Reading books are vital for the mental growth of children of all ages. Be it school or daily life, without books they won’t be able to win the game of life. Books are the wonders of the mind. Books are the wisest of all time. They kindle our curiosity, ignite our soul, Put our brains on fire. Books are calm like a bomb. Ignite ignite ignite! Read read read!

Books help children to develop imagination, creativity, intelligence, and a strong vocabulary, which is necessary for their academic life. If not for the books, they won’t know what lies ahead in their mind and ability.

Ok, so we all know how much books are important for children. But what books are best for them. How parents can choose the books that are both, vital and best for their kids?

That’s the question that keeps every parent awake at night. 

But don’t worry. Sawan is presenting a gift for every parent having this dilemma. Top 10 best-selling children’s books of all time by Sawan is a list of most bought books by parents all over India and other countries. I’m sure that after reading the blog you too will find these top 10 selling books a must-have for your little ones.

So let’s explore them right now!

Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Books Of All Time By Sawan

1. Puss in Boots (Board Book)

This is an enchanting story of a smart and witty cat Puss who made her poor owner a King. 

Spoiler Puss eats up a bug fat cruel Ogre of the castle.

Once there lived a farmer’s son who got nothing from his father, no land and no money. He got but only a little cat. He was very sad. Suddenly, her cat spoke, “My lord, you need not be sad. I will make you rich. Just do as I say.” She goes to the King and offers him a gift. And the adventurous story of Puss gets started!

 What Makes It Unique From Others?

  • The uniqueness of the book is that it is, unlike other fairy tales books, a board book. You can wipe and clean it. The book will stay safe in children’s hands as they tend to tear up while playing with the book. 
  • Plus, the book has vibrant illustrations which is enough to keep your little one enchanted and engaged for hours while learning new things from the story.
  • Unlike other storybooks, Sawan’s storybook comes with beautiful and bright pictures that express the story.

2. Cinderella – The World Famous Fairy Tale

The story of a poor beautiful girl who married the prince of the kingdom.

Spoiler Alert – Cinderella net with a Fairy Godmother who makes her the prettiest girl in the world!

There lived a poor girl. Her name was Cinderella. She lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Once the messenger came to their house to invite girls for the ball in the palace. Cinderella was so happy but her stepmother said she should not go to the palace; instead, remain in the house and clean the kitchen. She was so broken. Suddenly magic happened and she went to the palace and danced with the Prince. Prince fell in love with her. But there was a catch that separated Cinderella and Prince. What was the catch? Did they meet again and get married? Read the lovely story to find out.

 What Makes It Unique From Others?

  • Sawan’s Cinderella has a lucid and easy language. Children will find it easy to read and connect to the story. 
  • It has vibrant and enchanting illustrations that will keep children enchanted and engaged for hours.

3. Evergreen Stories of Panchatantra by Sawan

The evergreen stories of Panchatantra compiles moral and witty stories for children. All the stories are in both, human and animal characters. Kids will take interest in reading the stories and learn moral values like sensitivity, humility, honesty and kindness.

The captivating title consists of arresting stories like The Panchatantra, The Lion and The Hare, The Adopted Jackal, The Monkey’s Heart, When Revenge Went Wrong, and many more entertaining and witty stories.

 What Makes It Unique From Others?

  • Rich and vibrant illustrations
  • Enchanting storytelling
  • Moreover, the book is written in lucid language that any kid will understand easily
  • Easy to understand pictures

4. Great Human Who Changed The World – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a name amongst the greatest personality of the world. He was the founder of Apple, Pixar, Next and the creator of the world-famous fairy tale movie – Toy Stories. And many more inventions and gadgets he has given to the world. 

The book tells his journey of becoming one of the world’s most inspiring personalities. His story will motivate you, inspire you and kindle the unveiled abilities and talent hidden within you! 

And if you are looking for best selling children’s books of all time, this is the one your children must be reading in their childhood.

 What Makes It Unique From Others?

  • The book has incredible illustrations with vibrant colours 
  • Easy to understand language that even a toddler would enjoy this kids biography
  • Captivating colours of pages and glossy finish to book

5. Kevin Systrom – An Incredible Personality

The founder of the world’s most loved app – Instagram!, Kevin Systrom is a personality that inspires the youngsters and the next generation. He is an American entrepreneur and worked for Google. Later he took a big decision in his life and left the company. 

He then developed a passion for photography and came up with an exhilarating idea of combining photos with the cheks-in features. This led to the creation of Instagram in the following years.

The story of Kevin will inspire and motivate your children to pursue their dream and goals. The book is a must-read for kids and even youngsters. Order your copy now! 

 What Makes It Unique From Others?

  • First of all the Kevin itself is unique and so is his biography.
  • Second, the book has vibrant illustrations and captivating colours that will leave children enchanted and engaged for hours.
  • Third, it is written in so easy and lucid language that kids will grab the story instantly

6. Alice in Wonderland – Die Cut Enchanted Fairy Tale

Get ready to dive into the wonderland and meet magical characters like the White Rabbit, hookah-smoking Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, March Hare and Mad Hatter. The captivating story of Alice’s journey will leave you enchanted with your children. 

The book is full of vibrant illustrations and rich colours of astonishing characters. Children will love to read the world-famous fairy tale. The book is a good tool to develop and enhance children’s creativity and imagination.

Order your copy now and get lost in the world of imagination!

 What Makes It Unique From Others?

  • Its die-cut shape will add joy to reading for children
  • The book compiles vibrant illustrations with easy story-telling and language

7. World Famous Fairy Tales – Jungle Book (Hindi)

Sawan presents the most famous classic fairy tale – Jungle Book in Hindi. Once there lived a boy who was raised in the jungle by a wolf family. He is so fast and spontaneous like his animal friends Baghira and Rana the Bear. But his life is endangered by Sherkhan the tiger. Would he be able to fight Sher Khan and save his and his friends’ lives? Read the story with your children and find out.

What Makes It Unique From Others?

  • The book has vibrant and enchanting illustrations
  • It is written in lucid language so that children can read effortlessly 
  • The lightweight book is also full of 

8. Entertaining Stories of Akbar-Birbal Stories

Another fascinating best selling book from Sawan – Akbar-Birbal Stories. The pair of Emperor Akbar and his minister Birbal is famous throughout the world. They face many social and moral issues on their way and Birbal always solves them with wit and humour. As you will read the book, the rib-tickling funny stories will make you laugh, think and entertain for hours. 

Also, the book comes with expressing illustrations. This will help you to read and understand scenes easily. 

What Makes It Unique From Others?

  • The collection, unlike other books of Akbar-Birbal, is in an undiluted form
  • The captivating illustrations will engage children and young ones
  • The easy-to-understand language of the book makes it a comfortable read to kids

9. Magical 365 Bedtime Stories

This 365 magical bedtime stories collection is full of captivating fantasy stories that stir children’s imagination and kindle curiosity in them. 365 Bedtime stories are complications of short stories for children, one for each day of the year. Uniquely illustrated and written in simple language these stories shall take the young reader to magical places where they shall explore the new world and get lost in the world of imagination and fantasy.

What Makes It Unique From Others?

  • Read your children alluring bedtime stories in the easiest language out there
  • Each page is spellbinding with enchanting illustrations to enhance kids’ visual capacity
  • The only huge collection of such magical bedtime stories for kids

10. 151 Dinosaur Tales

Sawan presents fascinating 151 Dinosaur Tales with wonderful illustrations and easy-to-understand language. Give your child a daily dose of these lovely stories and help them boost their imagination. 

The collection includes interesting and fun stories for children  like:

True Friendship – Tom, Mike, and Shaun were three Stegoceras dinosaurs. They lived happily together. One day, they were being chased by a meat-eating Megalosaurus. One of them was not a friend anymore. Watch the story and learn who betrayed whom and how.

The Secret Cave – Andy was an Edmontosaurus dinosaur who only ate plants. One day when munching leaves under a tree, he heard two Petinosaurs talking about a secret cave in the forest. He ran towards the cave and found it too. But what happens next would blow your mind. So what was it? Watch the episode and find out.

Living in the Moment – In this episode learn how Kim, a kid dinosaur, was drawing the sunset in her notebook and was disturbed by a BIG Pteranodon. She started crying. But then the Pteranodon teaches her a very valuable lesson to implement in life. Watch the story and find out the lesson.

Tony, the T-Rex – Tony, a young T-rex dinosaur was always so joyful. Once he was playing around in the Jungle. Suddenly a strong gush of wind managed to throw a tree on him. He was stuck and yelled for help. An old dinosaur was passing by and heard him calling for help. He went to him but didn’t help him. Rather, he taught him a very strong lesson that Tony himself freed him from the tree fallen on him. What was such a strong lesson? Watch the episode and learn by yourself.

There are also more interesting stories like

  • Selfish Selly
  • Fight that lead to friendship
  • Always Speak the Truth
  • Result of Evil
  • Hoping for the Best
  • The Strength of Unity
  • Jacob’s Positivity
  • Mila’s Toy
  • A Friend to Count on
  • Face Your Fears

And many more tales like these. Watch the series and enjoy them and learn valuable lessons.

Wrapping Up

So these are the Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Books Of All Time by Sawan. However, if you are still not convinced then you can order these books and read them by yourself. This might also help you to choose the best books for your children.  

Choose books for your children carefully because they are one of the fundamental elements that will shape your child’s overall personality. So, don’t hurry on choosing the best ones for your little ones rather take your time and select concisely and carefully. And if you ever need any kind of guidance, always feel free to comment below. We are always here to help you!

Happy Reading!


What Are The Top-Selling Children’s Books For 2022?

151 Dinosaur Tales, Magical 365 Bedtime Stories, World Famous Fairy Tales, Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland, are some of the top-selling children’s books for 2022.

What Are The Best Children’s Books?

The best children’s books are those that spark curiosity and enhance creativity and imagination in children. Such as fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland, Jacks and the Beans Talk, Puss in Boots, and more.

What Are The Best Selling Children’s Books Of All Time?

There are some books that remain the best seller throughout the time. The Harry Potter series, Charlotte’s Web, Cinderella, The Lion and The Witch are some of the all-time best selling children’s books.

What Are The Top 10 Children’s Books?

As per Sawan, the top 10 of children’s books are:Goodnight Moon by Margaret Brown (1947)The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (1969)Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak (1963)The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss (1957)Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White (1952)Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson (1955)Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (1964)Little Women by Louis May Alcott (1880)Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling (1997)The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis (1950)

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