Kong Rong Gave away Bigger Pears


In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a person named Kong Rong. He was smart and good-tempered. He had five older brothers and one younger brother. When he was a child one day his father bought some pears. He picked the bigger pear and gave it to Kong Rong deliberately. But Kong Rong refused to take it and picked up the smaller one. His father was very curious, and asked, “Why?”

Kong Rong said, “I am younger, so I should eat the smaller pear, and my brothers should eat the bigger ones.” His father was very glad and praised him. He asked further, “What about your younger brother who is younger than you are?” Kong Rong said, “I am older than he, so I should leave the smallest one for my little brother.” Kong Rong became a great scholar when he grew up.

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