The Boat and the Sword


Once upon a time, in the state of Jin, a man was crossing a river in his boat. It was the season of flood, and his boat tossed wildly. With a loud splash, he fell into the river. He lost his sword in the river. Somehow, he managed to pull himself up and was back on the boat. His boat tossed and whirled its way along the river, and he reached his village. But he could not forget about his sword. ‘At least the storm brought me home!’ thought the man from Jin.

After a few days, he went back and searched for his sword. Much to his surprise, his sword had disappeared! He rushed to see the wise woman in the village. “Ah,” she nodded, “The river dragon thought you had brought a gift for him. He took your sword and landed you safely ashore.” ‘Ah,’ thought the man from the state of Jin, ‘That makes sense.’

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