The Stonecutter’s Wishes


Long, long, ago in China, on one hot summer day, a stonecutter worked hard swinging his hammer under the blazing sun. While he was wiping his sweat, he thought, ‘For sure the sun is the most powerful being in the world. Oh, I wish I could be the sun!’ Surprisingly, a fairy heard his wish and the stonecutter became the sun. Without any delay, he began sending hot rays down to the land. Suddenly, a cloud came floating in front of him and his light grew dim. ‘How could that be?

A cloud is mightier than I!’ he thought. Now, he wanted to be a white fluffy cloud. This wish was also granted and he became a cloud. Now, he was happy to float through the blue Chinese sky. Then, blew the wind. It fluttered and whirled around him. “If I can’t have my peace, then I’d rather blow free,” he said angrily, “I want to be a violent wind!”

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