The Wish


Chang did not return home for many days. The animals were worried for him and went searching for him. They found him hungry, dirty and injured. They decided to tell the truth to the Emperor. It was announced that the Emperor’s daughter was ill and anyone who could cure her would be granted one wish. Chang disguised himself as a doctor and went to the palace. He went and sat near Ying. Chang cured the Emperor’s daughter.

The Emperor was very happy and asked Chang his wish. His wish was the return of his magic boat. The Emperor said to Chang, “Prove that the boat was yours.” Chang looked towards the east and called out, “Grandfather! Grandfather!!” The old man appeared riding a golden phoenix. He told the Emperor that he had given the boat to Chang. Then, the old man turned Ying into an old grey wolf and the Emperor into a big wild pig. Chang got back his boat and returned home with his friends.

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