The Witty Reply

Once, there was a man who was very fond of eating. One day, he was invited to a big feast by a landlord. The man went there happily. He ate as much as three people could have eaten in that time. Finally, he burped and said, “Now I am full. There is no space left in my stomach for more food.” Just at that moment, a servant came there with a plate full of mango slices. The man could not resist the mango and ate up all the slices. The landlord was surprised. He said, “I thought I heard you say that there was no place in your stomach.” The man replied, “Well that is true. But what happens when a king walks into a crowded room? People make way for him. Similarly, since mango is the king of fruits, the food in my stomach made way for it.” The landlord had a hearty laugh at this witty reply.

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