The Masons

Long ago, two masons came to work in a rich man’s estate. But one mason had a work permit while the other did not. The first mason said to the second, “You can be arrested for not carrying a work permit.” Both were thinking what to do when a guard saw them. Seeing the guard, the masons started running but the guard caught them. He told them to show him their permits. The first one showed his and then cleverly slipped it into the other mason’s hand. The guard was not satisfied. He asked them, “Why did you run when you saw me?” Now, one of the masons was quick-witted. He replied, “We have been told to run every day by the doctor to keep good health.” But the guard asked, “Hmm. But why did you not even stop when I ran after you?” The mason replied, “Well, we thought you too had been advised by the doctor to run.”

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