The Three Little Pigs |World Famous Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, the three little pigs went to a city in search of their livelihood.

First of all, they decided to make their own houses to live in.

The first little pig saw a man carrying straw. He demanded the straw from the man and made his house easily and quickly.

The second little pig saw a man carrying sticks on his back. He too demanded the sticks from the man and made his house without any difficulty.

But the third little pig decided to make his house with bricks. He somehow arranged bricks from here and there, and worked hard to make his house with the bricks.

All the pigs were singing and dancing with joy, for they had their own houses to live in. Meanwhile, a big evil wolf saw them and intended to eat them up.

The wolf chased them but all the three pigs went into their respective houses.

The evil wolf first went to the first pig’s house which was made of straw. He huffed and puffed, and soon blew the house down. The frightened little pig ran to the second pig’s house.

Now, the wolf went to the second pig’s house and blew it down with his huff and puff. Both the terrified pigs ran towards the third pig’s house which was made of bricks.

The wolf huffed and puffed reaching the house of the third pig but he could not blow the house down as it was very strong.

Then the wolf saw the chimney of the house and decided to enter it in order to go inside the house.

The third pig boiled a big pot full of water and kept it below the chimney.

The wolf growled terribly and jumped inside. As luck would have it, he fell into the hot water and died there and then.

The first two little pigs were highly obliged to the third little pig. Now they had learnt a lesson. They also decided to make their houses with bricks.

They made their houses working hard all day. The third little pig inspected their work keenly.

Henceforth, all the three pigs lived in their strong houses happily and safely.

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