The Lion Who Made Fun of the Mosquitoes

Once, a lion boasted that he was the strongest. No one could harm him. He also commented that the mosquitoes could be killed by anybody. Now, some mosquitoes heard this and were very angry with the lion. They decided to teach the lion a lesson he would not forget. So, they flew towards the lion and started biting him. The lion did all he could to save himself. He rolled on the ground, and slapped the mosquitoes with his paws but it did not help him at all. Finally, the lion pleaded to the mosquitoes to spare him. The mosquitoes decided to spare him and said, “Remember never to make fun of others. Do not look down upon others.” The poor lion realised his mistake and said, “I am sorry. I will never do that to anyone again.” After that, the mosquitoes went away.

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