The Grasshopper and the Ant

A grasshopper was singing and dancing around in a field one day. He saw an ant. She was pulling an ear of corn with great effort. The grasshopper asked, “Why are you working so hard? Come and chat with me.” “I am storing food for the winter,” replied the ant. The grasshopper said, “Why bother about winter?” The ant ignored the grasshopper’s comment and went off. Soon, it was wintertime after some months. It became very cold. There was snowfall as well. Everything was frozen. The grasshopper set out to get some food but to his dismay, he could not get food anywhere. He returned home empty-handed. Slowly, he started getting weak. One day, as he was looking around for something to eat, he saw the ants distributing corn and grain among themselves. The grasshopper could only stand and stare.

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