Songs of the Hunchback

One day, a hunchback went to a forest to cut wood. Soon, it became dark and so he decided to spend the night in the forest. At night, he woke up and heard someone singing very melodiously. Enchanted by the voice, he decided to follow the direction of the sound. He soon reached a place where a group of fairies were singing and dancing around a fire: “Ring-a-ring-a around the fire. Let’s sing and dance to the song of the lyre.” The man, however, noticed that they were singing these two lines repeatedly. He walked up to them and said, “Don’t be angry, dear fairies. I heard your beautiful voice and came here. But you are just singing two lines. I can teach you many songs which my mother sang to me when I was a child. Do you want to hear them?” The fairies nodded and the man started singing some beautiful songs. The fairies were filled with joy. Noticing the hunch, they asked him to kneel and then touched his back with their magic wands. And lo! The hunch disappeared making the man fit and strong.

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