Sammy and the Slide

Little Sammy loved to play on the slide. She would hastily climb its steps and smoothly glide down its slanted platform. One evening when Sammy was about to climb the slide, she heard a loud shriek. “Ouch that hurts!” said a strange voice. Not able to see anyone, Sammy placed her feet on the slide again when it shook so hard that she almost fell. “Stop, I say!” said the same strange wice. “Is that you, Slide?” asked Sammy anxiously. “Yes, it’s me the poor old slide who has been endlessly stamped, kicked, pulled and pushed by you naughty children.” “Oh! I’m so sorry,” said Sammy and inspected the slide’s cracked frame. “You indeed need a good repair!” she reasoned. Next day, Sammy brought a carpenter to repair the slide and painted it with bright colours, “Thank you for helping me, Sammy!” said the slide and let Sammy and her friends climb its back once again.

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