Mr Topsy and Miss Turvy

Mr Topsy was a very handsome and rich cat. After all, he was Mrs Samuel’s pet. He was reading a letter which was from Miss Turvy, the most beautiful cat. “Topsy! My heart aches for you. I am dying for your love. Will you marry me?” Turvy had written. Topsy couldn’t believe his eyes. He received many love letters now and then. But to know that Turvy was madly in love with him was quite a piece of good news. He got up and began dancing on the wooden roof in excitement. He hopped and jumped so happily that quite expectedly he tripped and fell off the roof and died. The entire cat community joined the funeral procession with a sobbing Mrs Samuel and an inconsolable Miss Turvy following them. As the procession passed the market square, the smell of fish was very strong. It stirred Mr Topsy from his death-sleep. “M-e-o-w,” yawned Topsy and opened his eyes. And “MEOW” cheered all happily.

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