Nancy and Her Wallpaper

Nancy had no siblings or any friends. Every night, before going to bed, Nancy would gaze at the white wooly sheep on the wallpaper in her room and count them one by one. One day, Nancy’s mother changed the wallpaper in her room. It was jungle wallpaper and had pictures of all the animals. Nancy was very happy that night and before going to bed started counting the animals. Suddenly she heard a soft whine. She opened the window and found a little baby bear crying. “Why are you crying, baby bear?” she asked. “I don’t remember the way to the jungle where my parents live,” answered the bear. “You can spend the night here and help me count the animals on my jungle wallpaper.” The bear joined Nancy and together they counted all the animals. Next morning, before leaving for home the bear said, “I’ll tell all the animals about your wallpaper!” From that day onwards, Nancy had new visitors every day and she was never lonely again.

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