Little Nancy Runs away

Nancy was overjoyed to get her little baby brother, Alan in her family. Everyone thought he was very sweet. Everyone was busy for him. No one cared for Nancy. Nancy felt neglected. She was very upset and thought, “No one loves me anymore. Everyone loves Alan more than they love me.” Next morning, Nancy slipped out of the house and went to hide in a little cave in the park near by. When Nancy was not seen in the house, everyone was very worried. Mummy and Daddy went to look for her. Soon, they found her sitting in the corner of the cave. Mummy picked up Nancy and gave her a big hug. Nancy’s mother wiped her tears and told her, “We all love you very, very much. Alan is a small child and he is your little brother who needs more care.” Nancy forgot her tears and smiled again in her mother’s arms.

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