Mrs Nelson’s New Hat

Mrs Nelson loved wearing hats. One day, she made a brown hat. She decorated it with pink beads and green ribbons. Then she found some pretty feathers and put them on the crown. She also managed to find some fine lace and added it to her hat. When it was ready, she stood back and looked at it. “Now, doesn’t that look good?” she said to herself. “I’m going to the grocers and I’ll wear you,” she said to the hat. Mrs Nelson put on her new hat and walked down the street. She went to the grocer. When she returned home, she took off her hat. What a surprise she got! A little sparrow had made a nest and even laid an egg! There she sat, perched on Mrs Nelson’s hat! Mrs Nelson put the hat away and waited for the egg to hatch. A few days later, a little chick sat on Mrs Nelson’s hat and can still be seen on her window sill even today.

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