151 Grandpa Tales

151 Grandpa talesSawan presents 151 Grandpa Tales stories collection for kids. Kids will love to hear these grandpa stories from their parents during bedtime.📚👴💓

Showing Off

Once there was a cow named Della. She took great care of her appearance. She remained tip-top every day. She was very fashion‑conscious. One day, while she was grazing, she found a beautiful straw hat. She put on the hat and could not wait to show it off to her friends. Her friends were munching …

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Magical Tricks

Once there was a female dragon named Gloria. She had an unusual neighbour named Piper. Gloria and Piper played together. Piper could breathe smoke from his nose. He could perform many clever smoke tricks. One day, it was Gloria’s birthday. She had called a great magician to do some magic tricks during her birthday party. …

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Rainy Day

One day, it was raining a lot. Rainy Fairy loved the rain. She asked the other fairies to come and play in the rain but no one wanted to get wet. Below on earth, Diana and Will were unhappy as it was raining, for they wanted to play outside. Rainy Fairy, being unhappy that no …

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The Slide

Mr. Steve was very fond of his garden. There was also a pond in the garden. There were many frogs in the pond. One day, the frogs in the pond were worried. They were scared and hid underneath the lily pads. One of them had seen a heron in their pond. He warned everyone. They …

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The See-Saw

There were two rat friends, Hue and Fue. They used to play together every day. One day, while they were returning home after playing till the evening, they saw a twig balanced on top of a pile of small pebbles by the roadside. Hue, who was very fond of inventing games, had a bright idea …

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The Spell

Once, a frog named Duke lived in the middle of a deep, blue pond. One day, as he was dangling his feet in the water, he felt something tickling them. Duke started giggling. Curious, he looked to see who was tickling him. It was none other than Goldie the goldfish. She was waving at him …

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Barbeque Party

Molly Mole had invited his friends to a barbeque party in the evening. So, he bought everything needed for the party. In the evening, his friends arrived. They played many games in Molly’s garden. Soon, everyone was feeling hungry, so Molly fetched the sausages and burgers to cook. But oh dear, he had forgotten to …

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School Time

Finally the day had come–the day when Woopy Crocodile had to go to school. But Woopy Crocodile was not looking forward to it. He kept making excuses of having a toothache or tummyache. Woopy was not looking forward to going to school because he did not know anyone there. Second, unlike other crocodiles, his tail …

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Reading Time

Long ago, there was an island in the middle of an ocean. The island was very beautiful. There were many kinds of trees on the island with beautiful fruits and flowers. But no one came to this island. On this island lived Tipsy Turtle. He loved living on the island. His favourite pastime was reading. …

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Finny Fox

Once there was a fox who wished he could fly. His name was Finny. But he was a fox. How could he fly? His friend Quicky Pig said, “Foxes cannot fly and neither can pigs!” But Finny was not happy about this. He wanted to change this fact. So, one day, an idea struck him. …

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Boat Trip

Once, there was a rat called Dinny. Near his house a little stream flowed. One day, he decided to visit his friends who lived down the stream. So, he quickly finished his household chores. Then he set off for his friends’ house. While he was walking, he saw a paper boat near the stream. So, …

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