Best Children’s Activity Books By Age For 2022

Children Activity Books By Age

Looking for the best children’s activity books to scale up their academic skills? You’ve opted to the exact palace you ought to be. Many parents are worried about whether their child is acquiring all the necessary knowledge. But, on the other hand, children find it boring and exhausting to read books and study.

And that’s where children’s activity books come into play.

Activity books are full of fun and interesting activities that kids love to spend time with. Thus, gaining all the learning for their academic life ahead.

The list of activity books’ importance doesn’t end here. There is more:

Why Activity Books Are Important For Children?

So let’s discuss why activity books hold significance in a kid’s life and how it is a booster in their overall growth – both psychological and cognitive. Here are a few points that will convince you of the importance of activity books for children. 

Improves Concentration

First and foremost, activities are a great dose of improving concentration. They help them to sharpen focus and enhance their creativity as well. And children….! They find it very difficult to stay in one place – to concentrate. Activities books can easily make them concentrate and that too in a playful and entertaining way.

Recognition of Colour, Shapes etc

Activity books not only are a great way to develop concentration but also a fantastic way to introduce them to colours, shapes, numbers, and letter recognition. They also can teach basic addition and subtraction in a playful and entertaining way.

Fine Motor Development

Fine motor development means – holding pens, crayons, brushes and scissors correctly – which comes with practice. 

Hand-Eye Coordination

In most of the tasks, children need excellent hand-eye coordination to do their daily school life chores. Activity books are filled with various scribbling activities such as colouring within the lines and joining the dots, etc.

Best Activity Books For Children By Sawan

Activity Books 2-Year-Olds

So what to choose for 2-year-old kids? More than studying or reading, they love to play with things and have a curious artist within. With that in mind, you should always be prompt to choose a book that has a playful theme and eye-catching covers and vibrant illustrations.

Here are some good suggestions:

Alphabet and Numbers – 2 In 1 Copy To Colour 

This activity book is perfect for developing fine motor and eye-hand coordination skills in children in a playful way. Children will learn alphabets and numbers while colouring them. Nothing could excite children more to learn alphabets and numbers than this 2 in 1 copy to colour book. 

Magic Painting Book

Colouring has always been an activity of entertainment. Children just naturally love to paint and colour things. As you may see how they paint every little thing in the house when they are playing. Thus, they are really programmed to colour.

And this Magic Painting series is mind-blowingly fun for toddlers!


Well, this series is designed to work magic for children. All they need is just to apply water with a brush and see the magic blooming!

And children will be: 😍🔥

Activity Books 3-Year-Olds

Three-year-old kids are both champ and creative in their energy. They are somewhat an upgraded version of 2-year-old kids. So here are the best picks according to their interest and energetic behaviour.

Jumbo Activity Book

Sawan’s Jumbo Activity Book is a fun-packed activity book for children aged 3 years. The book consists of cool and captivating activities like Find The Difference, Join The Numbers And Complete The Picture, Colour The Shapes and Write Their Names, Word Puzzle, Join Alphabets and Complete the Picture, and more!

Fun and Learn Jumbo 500 Activities

Sawan Fun and Learn Jumbo Science Activities is an exhilarating and fun activity book with the magic of science. It has 500 cool and exciting fun science activities which will not only engage children for hours but also help them learn cool tricks and topics of science. Activities like Colour The Planets, Find the Difference, Solve the Maze, Number the Correct Sequence, Trace the animals, activities will sharpen eye-hand coordination and fine motor skill in children. 

So what are you waiting for, gift your kids this fun activity book now!

Activity books 4-year-olds

If you are wondering 4 years olds fall into the same category, you’re probably wrong. They are different in physical appearance as well as mental abilities. 

Activity Book English

Sawan presents Activity Book English for kids aged 4+. The book is designed especially to help children learn the international language – English. Let children dive into playful and entertaining activities like Find the Rhyming Pairs, Tricky Maze, Fun With Letters, Grammar and Writing, Word search and more!

Activity Books 5-Year-Olds

Now comes children aged 5. Here they become ready to start their academic life. They need some learning as well as creative stuff. So here we’ve chosen a special book to enhance their creativity and cognitive skills.

365 Bumper Activities

Sawan brings 365 bumper activities books for children – an exciting and fun activity book for children aged 5 and above.

The book comes with non-stop fun activities for every day of the year. With lots of activities like Join The Dots, Count And Colour, differentiating and colouring, Fit The Picture And Colour, Solve The Maze, Match The Shadows, Colour The Objects, the book is Doraemon’s pocket full of unique and exciting fun activities.

Designed to enhance kids’ fine motor skills and creativity, the book will also make them ready for school life ahead.


So these are the best children’s activity books you are looking for for your kids. Take note of these lits because you will need them to gift your child when you will take their mental and psychological growth seriously.

These are not only activity books but also will help your kids to learn certain topics in a much more fun and engaging way. 

However, if you need more guidance on the overall development of your kids, we are here to help you anytime you want. 

So, what do you think of these activity books, how they can really help children’s mental aspect to grow? Tell us what you think about the topic. We are waiting for your comments.

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