Benny Goes For A Picnic | Benny’s First Stories

It is a sunny day.

Benny’s mother prepares the picnic basket.

What has she put in it?

Sandwiches, fruit, doughnuts, orange juice and water.

A mat, plates, glasses and napkins as well.

Has she missed out on anything?

A ball to play with. A book to read.

A fishing rod and some worms.

A big umbrella, in case it rains.

Benny and his family pack up in the car.

They go for a picnic to the lakeside.

There, they spread the mat.

And they put up the umbrella.

Father fishes whereas Benny plays with the ball.

Mother reads her book.

Father has caught a big fish.

They plan to eat it for dinner.

Oh, what a lovely weather!

They enjoy their picnic lunch.

Before leaving, they clean up the place.

Benny puts all the trash in the trash-bin.

Benny enjoys the family picnic.

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