Benny’s Special Pet | Benny’s First Stories

Benny wanted a pet.

So, he went to a pet shop.

Benny saw the fish swimming.

He saw the tortoise crawling.

He saw the parrot swinging.

Benny also saw a kitten playing.

But he wanted someone special.

So, Benny walked back home.

He passed a bakery.

Benny bought a cupcake to eat.

He passed a flower shop.

There, he saw a poster, ‘Mouse for sale!’

“Why are you selling him?” Benny asked.

“He is very naughty!” answered the florist.

“And my cat does not like him,” he added.

Benny was very happy.

He ran back home.

He told his mother about the mouse.

Benny and his mother went to the flower shop.

They bought the mouse.

Benny got his special pet.

Benny called his special pet ‘Goofy’.

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