Benny’s Red Cap | Benny’s First Stories

Benny loves his red cap.

“Rrring!” Who is at the door?

It is Sammy the pup.

He is Benny’s friend.

Benny and Sammy go out to play.

Suddenly, a strong wind blows.

Benny’s red cap flies off.

“My cap, my cap!” Benny cries.

He runs after the cap.

Sammy runs after Benny.

The cap lands on a horse.

The horse shakes his head.

The cap flies off again.

Now the cap lands on a tree.

Benny and Sammy reach the tree.

The red cap is stuck on a branch.

What to do now?

Sammy gets an idea.

Benny and Sammy shake the tree.

The cap falls down.

Benny picks it up.

The friends go back home, happy.

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