Benny’s Birthday Party | Benny’s First Stories

It is Benny’s birthday.

He is very happy.

Benny will have a big party.

All his friends will come.

Look at Benny’s party clothes.

Today he will look best.

Benny has a party cap for his pet mouse too.

Mom has baked a big strawberry cake.

There are sandwiches and lemonade too.

The bell rings!

Benny’s friends are here.

So many gifts!

Benny and his friends play hide-and-seek.

They play musical chairs too.

It is so much fun.

Benny blows out the candles and cuts the cake.

Everyone claps and sings ‘Happy Birthday to Benny!’

Benny’s all friends love the cake.

Finally, the party is over. Everyone leaves.

But look at the mess.

Benny helps his mother to clean up.

Benny is tired and goes to bed.

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