Benny Starts Sharing | Benny Learns Social Skills

Benny does not want to share his new toy train. He hides it under his bed.

When Tammy comes, Benny gives him his old toys. Tammy plays with them.

Benny’s mother is angry with Benny. She has prepared jelly beans for breakfast.

Benny does not share his jelly beans with Tammy. Benny hides them from Tammy.

Both Benny and Tammy watch television. But Benny does not give the remote to Tammy.

Benny’s mother tells him, “It is good to share. Your friends will not like you if you don’t share.”

Benny is upset. He goes to the playground.

He sits alone on the bench. He sees Tammy and his friend enjoy on the seesaw.

Benny sees to his left. A group of four kids is playing with a ball.

Under the tree, the kids have a picnic. They call Benny.

They share their sandwiches with him. They play cards

Benny enjoys a lot. He goes back home.

Tammy again comes to play in the evening. They play with Benny’s new toy train.

Tammy has got his new picture book. They read it together.

Benny shares his jelly beans. Tammy is thrilled.

Benny’s mother tells the boys about the people who share. A doctor and a nurse share work.

“So do a policeman and a constable,” says Benny. “A driver and a conductor too,” says Tammy.

Benny and Tammy make a list of things — ‘Our sharing list’.

They collect their old toys and clothes. They give them to the needy children.

Benny feels good. He feels very happy from within.

Now, Benny says to everyone, “Do you want to share?”

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