Benny is Jealous | Benny’s Emotional Skill

Benny and his friend Tammy go to the playground every day. They are practising for the school race.

They practise in the school too. Benny is a fast runner. Tammy is also a fast runner.

Both Benny and Tammy are selected for the school race. They are happy.

Benny gets new red running shoes. Tammy gets new blue running shoes.

heir friends praise Tammy’s shoes. Benny feels jealous.

The friends bet that Tammy will win the race. Benny’s face goes green with envy.

None says that Benny’s red shoes are smart. None says that Benny will win the race.

Benny stops talking to Tammy. Tammy does not understand what is wrong with Benny.

Tammy goes over to Benny’s house to call him for practice. Benny does not go.

Tammy gets him chocolate. Benny does not want to eat it.

On the day of the race, all the runners stand on the track. Benny and Tammy stand too.

The whistle sounds ‘Wheeee’. The race begins.

Tammy runs as fast as he can. Benny also runs as fast as he can.

They are running the race. Suddenly, Benny’s shoelaces come undone.

Benny stumbles and falls down. Tammy sees Benny fall on the track.

Tammy stops running. He goes back to see Benny.

Benny is shocked. Tammy is coming first in the race.

Benny tells Tammy to leave him and run the race. Tammy does not leave Benny.

The doctor comes. Benny has a sprain.

Tammy helps Benny walk slowly out of the ground. Benny looks at his friend, Tammy.

Benny feels very bad. He says ‘sorry’ to Tammy for feeling jealous.

Benny and Tammy decide to run the next race. They exchange their shoes for fun and hug each other.

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