Benny is Lonely | Benny’s Emotional Skill

Benny lives in a large family. They have a big house.

There are grandfather and grandmother. There are uncle and aunt.

There are mom and dad. There are brother and sister.

And there are lots of cousins. The house is always noisy and there is a lot of fun.

But today, none is in the house. Benny is asleep and everyone has gone to the market.

Benny wakes up and finds a note. The note says that they will be back in the evening.

Benny does not like the empty house. He sits on the couch.

He calls his friend. His friend has gone for a movie.

Benny goes to the park. There are no friends to play with.

Benny feels lost. He sits under a tree.

A bird comes and sits on a branch. It sings a sweet song.

A little pup comes near Benny.
It wants to play with him.

Benny throws a stick far away. The puppy runs and gets it back.

Benny laughs and enjoys. He plays with the puppy.

Miss Vixen comes to take the puppy. Benny says ‘goodbye’ to it.

Benny decides that he will not feel lonely. His family will come home soon.

Benny comes back home. He begins to watch television.

The noise of television makes him feel that there are lots of people in the house.

He sits down. He feels good.

It is hot. Benny makes a large pot of lemonade.

‘Tring! Tring!!’ the door bell rings. Benny rushes to the door.

Benny’s family is worried that Benny will be lonely. But Benny is fine and has lemonade ready for all.

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