Benny is Sad | Benny’s Emotional Skill

Benny is in the classroom. He is sad. He has not got an A+ in Maths.

Benny has studied a lot for the test. But he has got an A-.

His best friend has got a B+. He tells Benny that it is okay.

But Benny hangs his head down. He has tears in his eyes.

Benny goes back home. His mom tells him that it is okay to get an A-.

But Benny is sad. He does not eat his favourite pasta.

Benny calls out to his grandpa to play. But he has gone out.

Benny takes out a book to read. But he becomes sadder when he reads a sad episode in the book.

He decides to go to play outside. He takes out his favourite shirt.

But it has shrunk after washing. Benny cannot wear it any more.

Now, Benny is in the saddest mood. Benny’s mom hits upon a plan.

She sits with him and they watch a funny cartoon serial together. Benny begins to smile.

Benny’s father comes back home. He has brought a gift for Benny.

Benny opens it and smiles more. It is a new t-shirt of his favourite colour.

Benny’s grandpa calls out from the door. Benny runs to the door.

Benny’s grandpa has got him a shiny new bike. It is red in colour.

Benny jumps with joy now. He is not sad any more.

He is no more sad that he got an A-. He will try to get an A+ again.

He reads the happy episodes in his book. He is all praise for his parents.

Benny spends time with his friend. They play on the swings.

Benny helps his parents. He has become a good boy.

Benny has learnt to be happy. When he feels sad, he does things that make him feel happy.

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