Benny is Shy | Benny’s Emotional Skill

Benny has shifted his house. Now, he is in a new neighbourhood.

Benny’s parents are taking him to a party. Benny is a little scared.

Benny does not like to go among new people. He feels shy.

His mom tells him to greet the people. Benny hides behind her.

He sits in the corner at the party. He waits for the party to get over.

Next day, the neighbours come over to their house. Benny does not open the door.

He is not sure as to how to talk to the neighbours. He is shy.

At night, Benny’s parents tell him that he should not be shy. But Benny finds it difficult.

The next day is even more difficult. Benny goes to his new school.

He is too shy to talk to his classmates. He wants to sit alone.

At lunch, a classmate comes over to him. He offers to share his lunch with Benny.

They sit near the slide. Benny slowly begins to talk to him.

The classmate tells Benny that his name is Tammy. Benny tells him his name too.

Tammy tells that he likes football. Benny says that he likes baseball.

Tammy tells Benny that he likes Maths. Benny says that he likes English.

Tammy tells him about his family. Benny tells him about his family too.

Then Benny softly tells Tammy that he is a new student. He tells that he is shy.

Tammy looks at him with surprise. He tells that he is new and shy too.

Benny and Tammy start laughing. They don’t feel shy any more.

They go back to the class. They are holding hands.

The teacher asks Benny to tell the answer to a question. Benny tells it slowly.

The answer is correct. All clap and Benny is very happy.

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