Benny is Angry | Benny’s Emotional Skill

Benny is very angry. In the morning, his baby brother tears his book.

He clenches his fists. It is his favourite book.

In school, his friend does not share his crayons. Benny gets angry again.

In the bus, there is no seat for him to sit on. His face becomes red with anger.

At the park, he falls down. He sees Tammy is standing behind him.

He thinks Tammy has pushed him. He shouts at Tammy.

But Tammy has not pushed Benny. Tammy begins to cry.

Benny gets up and gives a push to Tammy. Tammy cries even louder.

Tammy’s mom sees the fight. She comes over there to help the children.

Benny shouts and tells Tammy’s mom about the whole incident. Tammy keeps crying.

Tammy’s mom sees that Benny is angry. She asks the children if they want to play a game.

Benny loves games. Tammy has stopped crying.

Tammy’s mom tells the children to yell at each other

Benny yells, “ Tammy, you are my best friend.” Tammy yells, “Benny, you are my best friend.”

Tammy’s mom tells them to do karate chops in the air.

The children giggle and do.

Other children also join in. Benny does a karate chop – Heeyaa. Tammy does a karate chop too.

Tammy’s mom makes the children play games. Benny comes first in the race in the park.

All the children clap for him. Tammy claps too.

Benny is not angry any more. He says ‘sorry’ to Tammy.

Tammy’s mom pats Benny’s back. Benny does not know that she has helped him get happy again.

Benny forgets that he is angry. Tammy forgets that he is crying.

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