Benny is Bored | Benny’s Emotional Skill

Benny is bored. His dad is busy with office work.

His mom has to cook food for a family party. She has to clean the house too.

Benny has no homework to do. He cannot watch television as there is no electricity.

He stamps his foot in anger and says, “I am bored.”

But no one listens to his shout. Benny sits alone for an hour but his boredom does not disappear.

His mom and dad always tell him what to do. Today, he has to think of something himself.

“Do you like something, Benny?” says his mom. Benny decides to go to his room.

He picks a book to read. No, it is not fun. Benny is bored.

He builds a fort with blankets and pillows. He listens to some music and dances.

But Benny is bored. He thinks harder.

He sits by the window. He finds different shapes in clouds.

But there is no fun. His mom suggests that he can clean his room.

But Benny is bored. He does not want to clean his room.

He takes an old t-shirt. He decorates it with cool buttons and fabric pens.

Still, Benny is bored. He goes for a ride on his bike.

“Hey Benny, that is a cool t-shirt,” calls out Tammy. Tammy is walking down the street.

Benny stops his bike. The boys talk about Benny’s t-shirt.

Benny asks Tammy if he wants to play. But Tammy has to go back home and help his mom.

Benny has no one to play with. Benny makes a game of hopscotch with chalk.

Three, he hopped three times. Five, he hopped five times.

Soon, other children come over there to play. Benny has lots of fun.

Benny makes many new friends. He is not bored any more.

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