Benny Saves the Tree | Benny Learns About Environment

Benny has many friends–Sammy, Kitty, Chinky and others.

They get together to play in the evening.

Mostly they love to play near a big tree.

One Sunday morning, Benny and his friends play with the birds on the tree.

Sammy and Kitty get some nuts for the birds.

Kitty goes up the tree to give the nuts to the birds.

All the little animals and birds have a great time.

Suddenly, a cuckoo starts chirping loudly.

She tells everyone to run away!

Why? She sees a woodcutter coming towards the tree and he has a big axe.

The woodcutter dreams of cutting down the tree with his axe.

All the birds are scared.

They have their nests on the tree.

Even Chinky, the squirrel, has her home in the tree-trunk.

Benny thinks, ‘Where will the birds go, if their tree is cut down?’

Suddenly, Benny has an idea.

He tells his friends to hold one another’s hands and make a circle around the tree.

Benny also tells the birds to chirp very loudly, when the woodcutter comes near the tree.

When the woodcutter reaches there, he is shocked to see Benny and his friends encircling the tree.

And, so many birds are chirping loudly from all over the tree!

The scared woodcutter runs away!

The tree is saved! The birds and the animals are happy.

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