Benny at Tammy’s House | Benny Learns Social Skills

Benny’s mother wants to learn to bake a cake. So, she decides to go over to Tammy’s house.

Tammy’s mother bakes good cakes. Benny’s mother will learn from her.

She takes Benny with her. Benny and Tammy are good friends.

Soon, they reach Tammy’s house. Tammy’s mother welcomes them. But Tammy is not there.

Benny’s and Tammy’s mother are in the kitchen. They are talking about the recipe.

Benny says, “Mummy, mummy.” His mother tells him not to interrupt.

Benny decides to ask Tammy’s mother for a book to read. Tammy has many books.

‘Tring! Tring!!’ the phone begins to ring. Tammy’s mother goes to take the call.

Benny says, “Auntie, I want a book.” But Tammy’s mother does not listen as she is talking on the phone.

Benny tries many times. His mother calls out, “Benny, don’t interrupt.”

Benny goes back to his mother and says, “Mother, I want to go back home right now.”

She says, “Benny, Please wait. I have to learn to bake cakes.”

“Please don’t interrupt. Be patient,” she further adds.

Benny stands on the side. He says, “Mummy” many times.

But his mother concentrates on the cake. She does not pay any attention to what Benny says.

Benny wants her to talk to him at once. He wants Tammy’s mother to give him the book right away.

Benny sees Tammy’s dad in the study. Tammy’s dad is working on the computer.

Tammy’s dad looks very busy. Benny goes and stands at the door.

Once Benny is in, he does not say anything. He does not interrupt either.

After some time, Tammy’s dad sees Benny. “Do you want something, dear Benny?” he enquires.

Benny says, “Excuse me for disturbing you, uncle. I want a book to read.”

Tammy’s dad gives him a book to read. Benny’s mother gets him a fluffy cake that she has baked to eat.

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