Benny at the Birthday Party | Benny Learns Social Skills

Benny is at a birthday party. He is enjoying a lot.

Benny plays ‘Tail the donkey’. He always wins the game.

But he does not win this time. He feels bad.

He shouts at Tammy who has won the game. “Tammy, you cheated,” says Benny.

It is time for the cake to cut. It is a chocolate cake.

A chocolate cake is Benny’s favourite cake. He takes five slices on his plate.

Four children don’t get any cake. They are sad.

Benny eats all the cake. He is happy.

Benny wants an extra balloon. He tries to separate a balloon from the string.

All the balloons fall on him. Tammy’s mother comes to help him.

All the children laugh at Benny. Benny feels bad.

Benny begins to cry. He sits in a corner.

Tammy hears Benny cry. All the children hear him cry too.

Everyone comes to help Benny who thanks all his friends.

Benny also learns to say the magic word ‘Please’. He looks for an opportunity.

Tammy says, “Benny, do you want a balloon?” Benny replies, “Yes, please. But I want a red one.”

Benny goes to Auntie. He says, “Auntie, can you please give me a sandwich? It is very tasty.”

Auntie gives him a sandwich. Benny eats it.

Benny congratulates Tammy on winning the game. Tammy is happy.

The children begin a new game. Benny does not know how to play it.

His friends tell him that they will teach him how to play. Benny says, “Yes, please.”

The party gets over. Benny gets a big green pencil box for being polite.

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