Benny Learns Patience | Benny loves apples.

Benny loves apples.

He eats an apple every day.

He says that it gives him strength to play.

He eats the apple and throws its core in the dustbin.

One day, Benny does not throw it.

He sees a little seed peeping out of it.

Benny takes out the seed.

There are more.

What if Benny puts them in the soil?

Will an apple tree grow from them?

Benny wants to try.

He digs a hole in his garden.

And he puts the apple core into it.

Benny then covers it with the soil.

He waters it with a watering can.

Benny waters it every day.

Nothing happens.

Benny is so sad.

His father tells him to wait patiently.

One morning, what a surprise!

Benny sees a tiny leaf peeping out of the soil.

Benny is glad that he waited.

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