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Benny is selected to go to Japan by his school magazine. He has to write about Japanese culture.

Benny knows that Japan is an island nation. It is made up of four large and many small islands.

He takes a picture of Mount Fuji from the airplane window. It is the highest point in Japan.

Benny reaches Tokyo. It is the capital of Japan.

A Japanese guide is there to receive him. His name is Akio. He will take Benny around.

Akio tells Benny that Japan has many volcanoes. Mount Fuji is also a volcano! So, they have many earthquakes.

In the evening, Benny goes to watch a Japanese Samurai movie. Samurais are ancient Japanese warriors.

A Samurai always keeps a Katana. It is a sharp single-edged slightly curved sword.

Akio takes Benny to Miraikan. It is a science museum. Benny learns that Japan produces robots to help in everything!

As they come out, Benny is surprised to see so many car shops! Akio tells him that Japan is one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers.

All this walking makes Benny hungry! They eat in a Japanese restaurant. Benny eats Sushi. It is made of rice and raw fish.

Akio eats Ramen. It is a noodle soup with meat and vegetables.

Then, Akio and Benny visit the beautiful Imperial Palace. This is the Palace where the Emperor of Japan lives

Benny wants to see the bullet train! So, Akio takes him for a ride on the super-fast Shinkansen. It is the Japanese bullet train.

Benny has learnt to speak some Japanese words. But it is very difficult to read and write in Japanese!

Benny wants to buy a Japanese dress for his school function. Akio gets him a bright silk Kimono.

Benny sees a very fat man on the road. He asks Akio, “Who is he?”

Akio tells him, “He is a Sumo wrestler. Sumo is the national sport of Japan.”

On the way back to the hotel, Benny sees some students learning martial arts in a garden. “I also learn Judo in school!” Benny tells Akio.

At the hotel, Benny sees a lady arranging flowers. She is doing Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

She gifts him a very small, but a fully grown tree. It is called a Bonsai.

Benny loves it! He takes it home to India.

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