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Benny goes to Italy for his vacation. His uncle and aunt live in Rome. Uncle Russo is a chef.

Rome is the capital of Italy. On the first day, there is a big earthquake!

Benny runs out of the house with his cousins. Italy has three active volcanoes. So, earthquakes are common here.

Uncle Russo takes Benny for a ride around the city. They visit the Trevi Fountain. People are throwing coins in it.

It is believed that if you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, then you will visit Rome again. Benny throws a coin too!

Uncle Russo asks Benny the name of his favourite story. Benny shouts, “Pinocchio!”

Uncle Russo tells him that Carlo Collodi wrote that story. He was an Italian. Benny likes Italy even more now!

Uncle Russo takes Benny to the Colosseum. “Wow! What a huge open-air stadium it is!” Benny exclaims.

Benny wants to see the Vatican City also. Uncle Russo says that it is the smallest country in the world! The Pope rules it.

The Vatican City has St. Peter’s Basilica, which is the largest church in the world.

The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Palace has beautiful paintings on its ceiling and walls. They show stories from the Bible.

The children are hungry by now. They enjoy a hearty meal of Pizza and Lasagna at Uncle Russo’s restaurant.

Eating his favourite Gelato ice-cream, Benny loves Italy more and more!

There are so many different kinds of cheeses in Italy! Uncle Russo gives Benny a box of Italian cheeses to take home.

Uncle Russo plans to show Benny the different cities of Italy. It will be very exciting indeed!

They visit Pisa to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is a bell tower with seven bells. And it really leans to one side!

This leaning tower is one of the Seven Medieval Wonders of the World! Benny is truly amazed to see it.

Benny’s next visit is to Florence. It is a city of art galleries and museums. Its beautiful Santa Maria Church is the fourth largest in the world.

Benny sees stone sculptures everywhere as they walk on the cobbled streets of Florence.

The next city they visit is Venice. Benny is surprised to see water everywhere instead of roads!

So, off they go for a ride in the Gondola taxi in the waterways of Venice!

And the most fun of all is hiking on the Dolomite Mountains. Benny has a great time in Italy indeed!

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