Benny at the Restaurant | Benny Learns Social Skills

Benny is excited. He is going out with his mom and dad.

They will eat outside at Benny’s favourite restaurant. Benny likes burgers and French fries.

Benny has fun time at the shops in the mall. He gets hungry.

They all go to the burger shop. Benny shouts, “Yippee.”

Benny rushes inside. He bumps into an old lady.

Benny does not say ‘sorry’ to her. He gets a seat.

Benny’s parents come frowning behind him. They sit with him.

Benny goes with his dad to the counter. He looks at the menu on the wall.

Benny wants a large burger. He wants a large Cola cup.

Benny wants a large packet of French fries. He wants a large scoop of ice cream.

Benny cannot eat so much. “You will fall ill, Benny,” says Benny’s dad.

Benny’s dad orders a small portion of everything for him. Benny starts to wail.

Benny sits with his parents. He does say ‘thanks’ to them.

Benny begins to eat his food. He throws it around on the table.

Benny does not like the French fries. “They are cold,” he says.

Benny does not like the burger. “It is small,” he says.

Benny does not like the Cola drink either. “There is no straw in the cup,” says he.

Benny does not like his ice cream. “It has melted,” says he.

Benny goes to the counter and asks for a burger again. The old lady has taken the last burger.

Benny is sad. But the old lady calls him and gives him her burger.

Benny apologises, “I bumped into you. I did not say ‘sorry’.”

The old lady says, “Be a good boy, Benny. Then you will have fun at the restaurant.”

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