An Eye for an Eye

Once, a couple decided to move to the city for better prospects. They were very friendly with their neighbours. So, before leaving, the couple left their ornaments with them. They came back after three years. When they went to their neighbours to ask for their ornaments, they were surprised to hear that some mice had eaten them. The couple could not say anything and went away. But they decided to get back their ornaments. One day, the husband went to the neighbour and said, “I am not well today. Can you please look after my work?” The neighbour agreed and sent his son instead. Many hours later, when the son did not return, the neighbours asked the couple about him. The wife said, “Your son was carried away by an eagle.” The neighbours realised that the couple was teaching them a lesson. So, they said, “We will give back your ornaments and you can return our son.” Everything ended well.

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