All a Dream

Once, a student used to absent himself from classes very often. One day, the principal called him. It was lunchtime when the student came. The principal asked, “Is this the time to come?” The student replied, “I got late today because I found a lump of gold in our field.” The principal was surprised and asked, “What are you going to do with it?” The student replied, “I will build a palatial house, buy several acres of land and give you a small sum for educating me.” The principal was pleased. He said, “I hope you have kept the gold in a safe place.” The student replied, “I never had the chance to do that as it disappeared the moment my mother shook me from my sleep.” “What! You mean it was all a dream,” screamed the principal. The young man nodded. It was only when the young man had left that the principal remembered why he had sent for him.

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