Adventure Trip

There was a little fish named Jenny. She lived with her family in a big river. The river joined the sea. Jenny had a dream to swim in the vast sea. One day she thought to make her dream come true. She started swimming towards the sea without informing the members of her family. As soon as she reached the sea, a big wave took her far away. She cried loudly in excitement. While swimming deep into the sea, she saw so many fish of different shapes and colours. Then suddenly she saw a big shark with his mouth wide open and snapping his teeth at the other fish. Jenny was terrified to look at the shark. She hurriedly dived deep and swam away from the shark. In her hurry she didn’t notice the net spread over the water. She found her trapped in the net. When the fisherman took out the net from water and put it in the boat, Jenny found a tiny hole in it. She squeezed out of the hole and jumped into the river. When she was on her way home, she thanked God for saving her life. She promised herself never to go alone for such a dangerous adventure.

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