Merry Marry

Marry was a very pretty fairy who lived on a giant oak tree in a forest. She used to be a very happy fairy. People called her merry Marry. But she was suffering from a strange illness that no one had been able to cure. One day, a gardener was walking through the forest. He was carrying a very beautiful butterfly in a little piece of net. This butterfly had magical powers. If it rested on anyone’s eyes, that person would be cured of all diseases. While the gardener was resting under the shade of the giant oak tree, he heard someone sobbing. The gardener climbed up the tree and saw Marry crying. Suddenly, a pigeon flew up to him and said, “Do you have any cure for our fairy? She’s very ill…!” The gardener was very kind. He took out the butterfly from the net and placed it on the fairy’s eyes. And lo! Marry was hale and hearty again. Marry became merry again.

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