Yugong Moves away Mountains


Yugong, a ninety-year-old man, lived at the north of two high mountains. The mountains blocked the way, making it inconvenient for him and his family. One day, he called the members of his family and said, “The two mountains are blocking our way. Let’s move them away.” His children and grandchildren all agreed except his wife. So, next day, Yugong, his sons and his grandsons started to break up rocks and remove the earth.

The neighbours also joined in. A wise old man, Zhi Sou, saw them and said to Yugong, “How long do you think you can live on? Rest your old bones, rather than working so hard.” Yugong sighed and said, “It is true that I am on the edge of the grave. But I have sons; and my sons have their sons. I am doing it for them.” Moved by Yugong’s resolve, God in Heaven sent two immortal creatures to take the two mountains away.

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