Silver Troubles


Zhang San had saved three hundred ounces of silver. It gave him happiness as well as anxiety. He racked his brains, to find a safe place in order to hide his silver. He looked around, but no place looked safe. After a few days, an idea struck his mind. At night, he dug a hole at the base of the wall in his back room. He, then, buried his treasure there. To make it safer, he put a note on the wall— ‘My silver is not buried here.’

Now, Zhang San’s mind was at peace and he fell asleep. But he was unaware of the fact that his neighbour Wang Er had seen him burying the treasure. At midnight, Wang Er went to dig out the silver. He also thought of a plan not to be suspected. With Zhang San’s note, he placed his note, which read—‘Your neighbour Wang Er did not steal it.’

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