The Delighted Student


One day, Djang Liang, a student, saw an old man sitting on the bridge with one of his shoes on the ground. Politely, he put the shoe on the foot of the old man. Pleased with the boy’s gesture, the old man asked him to come to the bridge very early next morning, “I will tell you something that affects your whole life.” The next morning, when Djang Liang reached the bridge, the old man was already there, and Djang Liang had to listen to a lecture on his lazy habits.

The old man asked him to come again the next morning. This time, he went at dawn. But still, the old man was there and the boy was reprimanded strictly. He was told to come again on the third morning. This time, Djang Liang went to the bridge right after his supper. When the old man came at dawn, he was delighted to find Djang there ahead of him. He gave Djang education on values. As a result, Djang grew up to be a general.

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