The Jewel in the Rock


Once upon a time, Pien Ho found a piece of rock that contained jade inside. He offered the rock to King Li. The King got it examined and found that it was just a stone. The King thought that Pien Ho tried to deceive him, and ordered to cut off his left foot. Meanwhile, King Li passed away and King Wu came to the throne. Now, Pien showed his rock to King Wu. King Wu also got it inspected and found it no good. Now, the King ordered that his right foot be cut off.

Pien Ho cried and cried till the blood appeared in place of tears. The King asked, “Why do you weep so badly?” Pien Ho said, “I lament because a precious jewel is declared to be a mere stone and an honest man is called a deceiver.” The King, next, asked the jeweller to cut and polish the rock. He discovered a precious jewel inside it. It was named after Pien Ho.

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