The Forgotten Vat


After a few months Yuma was back outside the celestial city. Yuma had earned enough to rent a tiny room outside the celestial city. He had been carrying the grain that his mother gave him. One day, he put the grain in a vat and added water. Then, he covered it and forgot about it. Almost two weeks later, Yuma opened the vat looking for water. It had lovely smell and taste. He put a little of these on the noodles. It had improved the taste. Yuma’s liquid was found to cure even illnesses. One day, the Emperor fell dangerously ill. A fish-bone was stuck in his throat.

Yuma reached the palace and asked the Emperor to pour the liquid into his mouth. The fish-bone softened and the physician pulled it out easily. The Emperor thanked Yuma for his help. Yuma reminded the Emperor of his father. The Emperor pardoned Yuma and gave his vinegar (the liquid) a special place on his table.

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